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While some forms of alcohol might make you think of a certain location or country, Gin is a global drink; it can be produced absolutely anywhere and the world has embraced it.

Countries across Europe and the UK are the key players in the booming Gin market, with over 500 different styles and brands of Gin being produced in and exported from the UK alone. Spain, Italy, France and Portugal are also a huge part of the market.

In this lesson, JJ Goodman from London Cocktail Club fills you in on the state of the market, the important names to remember, and where most of the world's Gin is being produced. Bartenders and servers will discover the brands and countries that revolutionised the market.

What you'll learn in The global gin market lesson

  • Where Gin is being produced
  • The global Gin market
  • The key players in the Gin world

Who the Gin basics course is for

This online course is for Servers and bartenders, it's time to take your Gin knowledge to the next level.


JJ Goodman

JJ Goodman is a trailblazing bartender who has opened nine lauded venues across London.

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