Espresso coffee drinks

19m 52s

12 Lessons

Legend tells of a story about a farmer who found his sheep with so much energy after eating a red fruit of a shrub that he decided to try it himself. Thus, the coffee bean was found. From the bean comes the drink, which has been brewed, mixed, iced and more to create some of the most famous espresso drinks available today.

In this course, barista champion and innovator Hugh Kelly will show you how to make nine different espresso coffee drinks as well as provide some handy tips on making takeaway coffee.


  • How to make an espresso
  • How to make a long black
  • How to make a macchiato (long and short)
  • How to make a latte
  • How to make a piccolo latte
  • How to make a flat white
  • How to make a cappuccino
  • How to make a mocha
  • How to make an iced coffee
  • What to know about making takeaway espresso drinks

Budding barista or in need of a brush up on your coffee making skills? Learn the skills to make the perfect coffee with this course!