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Oolong tea is best known for it's unique characteristics, processing and leaf shape. There's even one variety which is so coveted that it is reserved for honored guests in China. Why? The story goes that a Ming emperor's mother was cured of an illness from drinking the tea. Three of the original tea bushes still exist today!

What you'll learn in the Oolong tea lesson

  • What Oolong tea is
  • What some of the most popular varieties are
  • How it is produced

Who the Tea fundamentals course is for

Whether you have a curated tea menu or are looking at delving into the world of tea, this online course is perfect for those seeking to understand why tea has become the second most consumed beverage in the world.


Nathan Wakeford

Nathan Wakeford is Director of Somage Fine Foods and considered by many to be the foremost authority of tea in Australia.

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