Threats and security awareness for front line staff

50m 34s

11 Lessons


This course contains references to threat situations that some viewers may find distressing, including trafficking, terrorism and violence.

Security awareness can be a little confronting to think about, but it’s a crucial part of hospitality work. Much like first aid, it’s a skill we all need to learn - something you hope you never need to use, but if you do you’ll be incredibly glad to have that knowledge.

When you develop a strong understanding of how to recognize and respond to threats, you can work with confidence. No matter what challenges you might face, you’ll know what to do to keep yourself, your colleagues, and your guests safe.

In this course, you’ll discover a comprehensive and holistic approach to security - everything from how to prevent incidents at your venue to what you should do in the moment if a crisis does happen.


  • Why hotel security is so important
  • The different types of security threats you might face
  • How to identify a baseline for behavior to help you detect suspicious activity
  • How to detect potential threats at your hotel
  • How to detect potential threats at your job
  • Methods for reporting threats
  • Best-practice strategies for supporting guests who witness crime or threats
  • Understanding and avoiding bias in threat management
  • How to develop strong relationships to support security measures

This course is aimed at front line staff in hospitality venues, or managers looking to implement or improve security plans.