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This lesson includes references to threat situations that some viewers may find distressing, including trafficking, terrorism and complex crime.

Security threats in hotels can range from less severe - like petty theft - to incidents that could put you or your guests in danger. The first step in preventing these incidents is being able to recognise the different types of threats you might face. In this lesson, Anthony McGinty talks through a range of security incidents with different levels of severity.

What you'll learn in the Types of security threats lesson

  • The most common types of security threats you might encounter
  • The consequences of these different threats

Who is the Threats and security awareness for front line staff course for

This online course is aimed at front line staff in hospitality venues, or managers looking to implement or improve security plans.


Anthony McGinty

Anthony McGinty is an intelligence and security expert who has worked with a range of hotels to develop threat mitigation strategies.

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