Service practices during COVID-19 recovery

26m 24s

7 Lessons


As the hospitality industry starts to open its doors again, service practices in hotels and restaurants have changed due to COVID-19. Whether you need to wear a mask or keep your distance from your guests, there are various practices you need to adopt during your service that will help maintain a safe working environment and reduce a potential outbreak of COVID-19.

In this course, Lisa Hobbs, consultant in the hospitality industry and Director on the board of Women in Hospitality, will share an overview of the changes required to service practices during the COVID-19 recovery process. You’ll learn how to adapt and implement new industry norms and service practices to ensure a great service as well as maintain your guests’ safety.


  • The role you play in the COVID-19 recovery process
  • How important your health and wellbeing is
  • How your health and wellbeing affects your confidence
  • The importance of guest experience to a business during these challenging times
  • How to provide warm and friendly service while respecting guest uncertainties
  • How to maintain a level of social distancing in venue
  • How to adapt service styles to ensure adherence to safety guidelines whilst providing great service
  • How to communicate with empathy
  • What guests want from you to manage conflict

This course is perfect for hospitality members working in the front line of a venue such as F&B, front desk and housekeeping, and anyone looking to refresh their service skills.