Your wellbeing & confidence during COVID-19

Lisa Hobbs

3m 40s


Lesson Details

Maintaining your physical and mental health as well as keeping your confidence up during COVID-19 can be challenging. While we all experience stress and anxiety at different levels, it is important to acknowledge that being healthy is more than the absence of sickness. In this lesson, Lisa Hobbs will outline how important your health and wellbeing is and how it can affect your confidence as well as others.

What you’ll learn

  • How your health and wellbeing affects your confidence
  • The importance of your health and wellbeing

This course is perfect for hospitality members working in the front line of a venue such as F&B, front desk and housekeeping, and anyone looking to refresh their service skills.


Lisa Hobbs

Hospitality Executive and Director on the board of Women in Hospitality (WOHO)

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