Sake basics

32m 41s

6 Lessons

Sake is a Japanese rice wine made by fermenting rice in a process similar to how beer is made. While it is comprised of only four ingredients, the sake brewing process is incredibly complex and precise.

Sake sommelier and brewer Yoshihiro Sako explains the basics of sake in this course, from brewing to serving. Learn the secrets of this ancient drink and take your service game to the next level – while learning some Japanese words along the way!


  • What sake is and how it is served
  • The different sake classifications
  • Sake ingredients
  • The sake brewing process
  • How to pick the best sake and food pairings
  • How to recommend sake to customers

The origins of sake are not certain, but it is believed that it dates back to the Nara period in Japan, way back around 700 AD. Sake has played an important role in Japanese culture since, from religious ceremonies to drinking games!

Today, it is enjoying widespread appreciation in places far from where it originated.

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