Problem solving and creative thinking

48m 52s

11 Lessons


What does it take to solve a problem? Sometimes technical skills and knowledge are enough to help you find solutions - but what do you do if you come across a problem you’ve never had to solve before? What happens if it’s a problem you’ve never even heard of?

This is where creative problem solving becomes your best friend. You might not think problem solving is its own skill, with a distinct set of techniques and benefits, but learning how to think laterally and creatively is one of the best assets you can bring to your workplace, no matter your role.

Technical skills can help you solve specific problems related to those skills - but problem solving skills empower you to think outside the box and find a range of solutions for a variety of issues. So in this course led by Ioannis Pantelidis, you’ll get started developing a varied creative toolkit to help you tackle all sorts of problems you might face.


  • How to nurture creative thinking in a professional setting
  • Best practices for establishing creative working environments
  • How to reframe problems to find innovative solutions
  • The Socratic method for problem solving
  • The importance of team playing in problem solving
  • A four-step process for identifying solutions
  • How creativity can help you recover from failure
  • The role of creativity in the hospitality industry
  • How to find, and use, creative inspiration

This course is aimed at hospitality leaders, or aspiring leaders, who are interested in individual and team professional development.