Team playing and learning for creative thinking

Ioannis Pantelidis

4m 48s


Lesson Details

In hospitality, teamwork is absolutely essential. Every person in the team plays their part, and it’s incredibly obvious to everyone - including guests - when the staff aren’t working together well. Team playing is really important to good morale, but it also has a huge impact on effective problem solving. After all, two heads are better than one!

In this lesson, Ioannis Pantelidis guides you through the role of team learning in creative problem solving, and offers some techniques you can put into practice with your team today.

What you’ll learn

  • Why team learning is such a great investment
  • How playing can be a form of learning
  • How to evaluate a return on investment for a nurturing learning culture

This course is aimed at hospitality leaders, or aspiring leaders, who are interested in individual and team professional development.


Ioannis Pantelidis

Chair, Council for Hospitality Management Education

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