Leading and motivating teams

36m 3s

11 Lessons


Being confident, innovative, and motivational are some of the key skills that make a great hospitality manager. When leading your teams as a manager, it’s also your role to create a positive and motivating workplace environment, and set up your teams to work together towards a common business goal.

You might have hired a team of hospitality-skilled and experienced members, but if they are not engaged or inspired by their manager, work-environment or colleagues, they might not achieve their full potential.

In this course, Transformation, organisational change and digital transformation director Narelle Glynn, takes you through the principles of building motivated teams, and how to lead, engage, and evaluate your team members to inspire them on a long-term basis.


  • The difference between managing and leading teams
  • The common causes of a dysfunctional team and how to turn it into a cohesive team
  • Lencioni's five behaviors for a cohesive team
  • The importance of effective communication with your teams
  • The four quadrants of emotional intelligence and how to identify opportunities to adapt behavior for best results
  • The value of communicating purpose to team members
  • How to build a shared belief in the purpose of the work your team does
  • How to identify what success looks like for each team goal
  • Why individuals resist change and what the stages of change are
  • What motivates and doesn’t motivate teams
  • How to build capabilities in individuals and build teams

This course is ideal for any managers, leaders, and newbies to the leadership world who want to learn how to create motivational and inspiring team dynamics.