Engaging teams with a vision

Narelle Glynn

3m 2s


Lesson Details

Connecting with your teams often results in a strong workplace culture, as well as an increase in motivation for everyone to achieve a common goal for the business.

In this lesson, Narelle Glynn shares with you the golden circle concept designed by Simon Sinek and the role you play to share and define purpose for your teams.

What you’ll learn:

  • The golden circle concept designed by Simon Sinek to inspire a vision and action
  • The value of communicating purpose to team members
  • How to build a shared belief in the purpose of the work your team does

This lesson is ideal for any managers, leaders, and newbies to the leadership world who want to learn how to create motivational and inspiring team dynamics.


Narelle Glynn

Transformation, organizational change, and digital transformation director

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