Team dynamics

Narelle Glynn

3m 53s


Lesson Details

When you manage and lead a team, your role is to ensure that you are building a cohesive team who is rowing in the same direction for the same goal.

In this lesson, Narelle Glynn takes you through the meaning of leading a cohesive team and how to do so with a tested framework (Lencioni’s five behaviors for a cohesive team).

What you’ll learn:

  • Past experiences of a cohesive team
  • What are the Lencioni's five behaviors for a cohesive team
  • The role leaders play in leading and motivating a team

This lesson is ideal for any managers, leaders, and newbies to the leadership world who want to learn how to create motivational and inspiring team dynamics.


Narelle Glynn

Transformation, organizational change, and digital transformation director

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