Effective communication with staff

21m 26s

7 Lessons

As a manager of a hospitality venue, you are the leader of a team. This means you are responsible for keeping track of the day-to-day performance of your staff, giving praise for great work and helping them overcome any obstacles.

As a manager you should also be guiding the culture of your workplace to ensure the team works well together, without conflict or negativity festering. Communication is the key to achieving this. You have to be ready and willing to engage with your staff to let them know their hard work is appreciated and to resolve any issues that arise.

Restaurant consultant Mike Ganino works with businesses to build strong brands and motivate staff to provide consistently great service.

In this online course on effective communication with staff, he shares his expert tips for sharpening your managerial skills – to help you create a positive work environment in which you can guide your team towards continuous improvement.


  • How to quickly build rapport with new staff
  • How to run effective team meetings
  • How to conduct effective performance reviews
  • How to keep staff accountable
  • How to have difficult conversations with your staff
  • How to manage conflict between staff
  • How to build a harassment-free workplace

If you’re a hospitality manager looking to skill up, this is the course for you. Sharpen up your communication skills and build a stronger team for your venue, with pointers from a leadership expert!