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Great managers don’t shy away from difficult conversations with staff. As a leader, you have to be able to give feedback that helps your staff improve when they are struggling. The objective of these difficult conversations shouldn’t be to punish your staff, but rather to find solutions to problems in the workplace.

Restaurant and hospitality leadership consultant Mike Ganino shares his pro tips for having difficult conversations with staff.

What you'll learn in the Having difficult conversations with your staff lesson

  • How to have difficult conversations with your staff members
  • How to implement solutions to ongoing problems with staff performance

Who the Effective communication with staff course is for

If you’re a hospitality manager looking to skill up, this is the online course for you. Sharpen up your communication skills and build a stronger team for your venue, with pointers from a leadership expert!


Mike Ganino

As a restaurant consultant and trainer, Mike Ganino teaches managers how to be more effective leaders, create better team cultures and drive organizational growth.

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