Cleaning practices for infection control


7 Lessons


COVID-19 is at the forefront of everybody's minds and people want assurance that they will be safe and protected when going about their day-to-day business. As guests return to travel and hotel bookings increase, guests not only want to feel safe but also feel confident that their hotel of choice understands the importance of infection control and how to achieve this.

In this course, Nina Fairweather, consultant in the hospitality industry, will explain actions on what, when, and how to clean and disinfect all surfaces found in a hotel. You’ll learn how to use personal protective equipment safely, how to handle equipment safely, and how to clean when a person is identified with COVID-19 or other infectious diseases.


  • The difference between ‘normal’ cleaning and cleaning for infection control
  • The cleaning and disinfection process for infection control
  • How to map an area to identify high touch and low touch surfaces
  • How to design a cleaning plan for infection control cleaning
  • How to clean electronics, soft furnishings, and laundry objects
  • How to clean shared equipment 
  • Understand why using clean equipment is important
  • How to store your cleaning equipment and supplies
  • The correct handling and disposing of waste
  • The initial steps to take if someone is diagnosed with COVID-19
  • How to prepare for cleaning if someone is diagnosed with COVID-19
  • How to carry out enhanced, or environmental cleaning if someone is diagnosed with COVID-19

This course is aimed at hotel staff who clean any area in a hotel.