Champagne essentials

53m 5s

14 Lessons

To the east of Paris is a not so small region where you can find around 34,000 hectares of vines, bottles, corks, and bubbles. The region? Champagne. Approximately three times the size of Paris, this is the region where the liquid gold of celebrations is produced for champagne can’t be called champagne unless it is made from the grapes grown and harvested within the region.

In this course, champagne connoisseur and owner of the consultancy and education business The Champagne Dame, Kyla Kirkpatrick, will help you understand what champagne is, where it comes from and provide an overview of the beverage's history.


  • Welcome – Champagne essentials
  • What is champagne and where does it come from
  • A short history of champagne
  • The grapes of champagne
  • How champagne is made
  • Styles of champagne
  • Understanding dosage
  • Reading a champagne label
  • A guide to champagne brands (Grand Marque and Grower)
  • Storing champagne (open and closed bottles)
  • Recommending champagne to customers
  • Opening a champagne bottle
  • Serving champagne
  • Conclusion – Champagne essentials

This course is perfect for anyone who works in a venue that serves champagne and for those who would like to boost their champagne knowledge.