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You've got your wine menu, you've got your customer ready to order. Or so you think. Instead, they ask you what you recommend. Instead of going into a panic, think of a few things that can narrow down your recommendation list. If the questions keep flowing, be clear on the differences between the varieties they are looking at. You'll usually find that your help doesn't just make things easier for your customer, but it will improve their meal substantially.

What you'll learn in the Recommending champagne to customers lesson

  • How to recommend champagne to customers
  • How and when to recommend to a customer to purchase a bottle instead of a glass

Who the Champagne essentials course is for

This online course is perfect for anyone who works in a venue that serves champagne and for those who would like to boost their champagne knowledge.


Kyla Kirkpatrick
Kyla Kirkpatrick owns her own consultancy and education business, The Champagne Dame.
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