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When storing champagne there are three things you should steer well clear of - light, sudden temperature changes, and vibration. These can not only affect the taste of champagne but can also 'kill' it. The threats to the life of the champagne don't stop there though, once the bottle is opened great care is needed to ensure the champagne taste and the bubbles don't deteriorate.

What you'll learn in the Storing champagne (open and closed bottles) lesson

  • What will affect the quality of champagne
  • The best way to store unopened and opened bottles
  • The storage methods you should avoid

Who the Champagne essentials course is for

This online course is perfect for anyone who works in a venue that serves champagne and for those who would like to boost their champagne knowledge.


Kyla Kirkpatrick
Kyla Kirkpatrick owns her own consultancy and education business, The Champagne Dame.
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