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The name is Bond, James Bond. Yep, this shaken not stirred cocktail was made famous by none other than the man in black himself, James Bond. Invented by Sir Ian Fleming, author of the Bond series, the cocktail first appeared in the novel Casino Royale. The name Vesper? It's an old word for the evening but is also the name of the Secret Service agent the world-famous 007 works with in the novel.

What you'll learn in the Vesper Martini lesson

  • How to make a Vesper Martini.

Who the Vodka cocktails course is for

This how-to online course is perfect for beginner bartenders and servers looking to shake up their mixology skills!


Erik Lorincz
Erik Lorincz was the 10th Head Bartender at the American Bar at The Savoy, London. His expertise and passion for cocktail making has seen him work in top cocktail bars, movie sets and for fashion brands around the world.
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