Erik Lorincz

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You may think this cocktail was named after the stars you sit under at dinner, but in fact, it's named after the champagne bubbles that twinkle inside the glass it is served in. This bubbly cocktail was created by Tony Conigliaro, a man who has spent the last 15 years using flavor science, art, and history to break the boundaries of cocktail making. He has also been instrumental in pioneering the Michelin-level standards of mixology that now see's London widely regarded as the one of the cocktail capitals of the world.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to make a Twinkle.

This how-to course is perfect for beginner bartenders and servers looking to shake up their mixology skills!


Erik Lorincz

Co-founder of the Antique American Bar and 10th Head Bartender at the American Bar at the Savoy.

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