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It's said that this cocktail was developed in the 1920s by Fernand Petiot when he was working at Harry's New York Bar in Paris. But, it wasn't until he moved to Manhattan in the '30s and started working in the King Cole bar in St Regis that he perfected the recipe. Other more gruesome tales link the drink with being named after England's Queen Mary I, dubbed Bloody Mary, due to her fondness for chopping off people's heads.

What you'll learn in the Bloody Mary lesson

  • How to make a Bloody Mary.

Who the Vodka cocktails course is for

This how-to online course is perfect for beginner bartenders and servers looking to shake up their mixology skills!


Erik Lorincz
Erik Lorincz was the 10th Head Bartender at the American Bar at The Savoy, London. His expertise and passion for cocktail making has seen him work in top cocktail bars, movie sets and for fashion brands around the world.
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