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It might surprise you to learn that psychological tricks are all around us - in fact, you have probably been influenced by these techniques as recently as the last time you bought groceries! These strategies are an incredibly effective way to encourage customers to see 'value' where you want them to see it.

So in this lesson, you'll explore Ally Northfield's three top psychological tricks to help you influence customers and maximize revenue.

What you'll learn in the Using psychological pricing tricks lesson

  • How psychological pricing strategies attract customers
  • Techniques to shift customer decision making
  • How to apply these techniques when designing a pricing strategy

Who the Advanced hotel revenue management course is for

This course is aimed at hotel managers looking to build on their knowledge of revenue management principles.

For successful completion of this course, Typsy recommends some prior knowledge of introductory revenue management principles.


Ally Northfield

Ally Northfield is a passionate and experienced revenue management specialist.

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