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Imagine how much easier life would be if we could predict the future. You'd be able to see any problems coming up and plan around them! Forecasting isn't quite the same as 'seeing the future', but it can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect so you can plan ahead.

In this lesson, Ally Northfield will walk you through some techniques for revenue forecasting, so you can feel confident that you're ready for whatever is around the corner.

What you'll learn in the Creating and managing a revenue forecast lesson

  • What forecasting is, and why it's necessary
  • The data you need to create a forecast
  • How to manage a 12-month forecast

Who the Advanced hotel revenue management course is for

This course is aimed at hotel managers looking to build on their knowledge of revenue management principles.

For successful completion of this course, Typsy recommends some prior knowledge of introductory revenue management principles.


Ally Northfield

Ally Northfield is a passionate and experienced revenue management specialist.

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