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You probably already recognize that there are different categories of guest bookings within your venue - business people, holiday makers, and so on - who all have different needs and pose different challenges. But understanding these categories is about more than customer service - it can actually help you form a revenue strategy that maximizes profit while mitigating risk!

Follow along with Ally Northfield as she explains the concept of guest segmentation, and how you can use this to your advantage.

What you'll learn in the Segmenting guests to optimize revenue lesson

  • How to segment current and potential guests
  • Smart pricing strategies based on these segments
  • How to create an optimal mix to boost profit and reduce risk

Who the Advanced hotel revenue management course is for

This course is aimed at hotel managers looking to build on their knowledge of revenue management principles.

For successful completion of this course, Typsy recommends some prior knowledge of introductory revenue management principles.


Ally Northfield

Ally Northfield is a passionate and experienced revenue management specialist.

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