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How do you decide your prices? It seems like a simple question, but it doesn't have a simple answer. Pricing is influenced by a huge number of different factors - and understanding these factors is an essential part of creating price positioning strategy that optimizes your revenue.

In this lesson, you'll explore five of the most common price positioning strategies, and how you can decide which strategy is right for the circumstances.

What you'll learn in the Price positioning strategies lesson

  • What a price positioning technique is
  • The differences between five key price positioning strategies, and how they work
  • The pros and cons of each strategy

Who the Advanced hotel revenue management course is for

This course is aimed at hotel managers looking to build on their knowledge of revenue management principles.

For successful completion of this course, Typsy recommends some prior knowledge of introductory revenue management principles.


Ally Northfield

Ally Northfield is a passionate and experienced revenue management specialist.

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