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A classic French tomato sauce is incredibly versatile, providing a tangy and herbaceous base to a huge variety of recipes. But let's say you had no tomatoes - what would you do? One of the great benefits of reimagining a classic sauce is being able to address logistical needs.

So in this online lesson, Reimagine tomato sauce, Suzanne Barr will show you her process for reimagining a tomato sauce.

What you'll learn in the Tomato sauce reimagined lesson

  • The classic tomato sauce profile
  • How to reimagine a sauce to fill a logistical need
  • A reimagined tomato sauce recipe

Who the Reimagining classic sauces course is for

The Reimagining classic sauces online course is aimed at experienced or aspiring chefs looking for inspiration and techniques to reimagine classic French sauces.


Suzanne Barr

Suzanne Barr is a chef, author and restaurateur with a passion for making the ordinary extraordinary.

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