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Laws related to harassment and bullying vary from location to location, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any consequences for engaging in or allowing this behavior. Consequences can include disciplinary action, suspension and more, but consequences don’t always have to be negative. Positive consequences for reporting misconduct can help deter the issue from arising in the workplace again.

Be aware that not all countries have laws against bullying and harassment so make sure to read up on your local rules and rights to find out the rules and rights that apply to you.

In this lesson you will learn about some of the possible consequences that may come from engaging in behavior that is considered bullying or harassment.

Who the Workplace bullying and harassment course is for

This online course will help those seeking further information and a better an understanding of workplace bullying and harassment so they can help thier workplace become a safer, employee-friendly space.


Juliette Gust

Juliette Gust is the founder and president of Ethics Suite, a company that helps businesses identify, investigate and resolve alleged wrongdoings at their organization.

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