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Obviously we know that thoughts and emotions are related to brain activity, but have you ever stopped to really think about how physiological changes actually translate into feelings? Well, this lesson is about to blow your mind.

With Alicia Brown as your guide, you’ll start to explore what happens in your brain when you experience emotions, as well as some simple strategies you can use to hack your emotions.

What you'll learn in the Introducing the limbic system lesson

  • The function of the limbic system and how it affects behavior
  • What an Amygdala hijack is, and the physiology of the brain
  • An effective method to influence the limbic system

Who the Emotional intelligence fundamentals course is for

This online course is aimed at current or aspiring hospitality leaders wanting to explore personal and professional development. 


Alicia Brown

Alicia Brown is the Owner and Head Coach of Twigg and Bones, a health and lifestyle coaching service specializing in self-leadership coaching, emotional intelligence profiling, values integration, and group coaching.

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