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Unfortunately, food products won't just attract human customers to your venue. If you don't store food safely and keep things clean, you might start to see unwanted visitors like rodents and insects. Gross!

Luckily, there ARE things you can do to stop critters contaminating your food products. So in this online lesson about pest control in food retail, Sylvia Anderson will explain how you can identify and prevent pest infestation.

What you'll learn in the Controlling pests in retail premises lesson

  • What common food pests are
  • Why keeping pests out of the food handling area is important
  • How to spot signs of pest
  • How to prevent infestation

Who the Food safety handling in retail course is for

The Food safety handling in retail online course is aimed at any retail staff who handle, prepare, or serve food products.


Sylvia Anderson

Sylvia Anderson is a food hygiene expert, and founder of Sylvia A Consultancy.

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