Whiskey basics

36m 57s

8 Lessons

The term whiskey is derived from a Gaelic word meaning "the water of life" – and it’s a spot on name too; this wonderful, complex spirit has been sustaining us since before the 15th century!

Whiskey is an umbrella term for distilled alcoholic drinks made from fermented mash grain – most often from barley, corn and rye. With many varieties of the drink, laws surrounding production, and a distinct vocabulary for discussing it, it’s no wonder whiskey is one of the most intimidating drinks to learn about.

Bourbon enthusiast Dustin Haarstad works as a bartender and beverage director at an acclaimed whiskey bar and is here to help you master the whiskey basics.

By the end of this online whiskey course, you’ll be able to hold your own in conversation with whiskey enthusiasts and up your customer service skills with your newly acquired knowledge!


  • The history of bourbon
  • The rise of bourbon in contemporary cocktail culture
  • How whiskey is made
  • The whiskey aging process and the importance of oak
  • Popular whiskey brands you should be familiar with
  • Different types of whiskey produced around the world
  • The different types of whiskey glasses
  • How to talk about whiskey flavors and taste whiskey like a pro

Whiskey has a fascinating history that has seen rebellions happen in response to price increases and monks making moonshine to earn an extra buck! Today it is experiencing a resurgence in popularity and achieving mass appeal.

No longer is whiskey just a drink for the Don Draper types – this timeless spirit is for everyone.

Servers and bartenders, delve into the wonderful world of whiskey and up your dram game with help from the experts!