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The beauty and complexity of a fine whiskey lie in the maturation process. The oak barrels in which whiskey ages for years and years have a massive impact on the final flavor of the spirit. And much like wine, picking the right barrel in which to let the clear spirit mature into whiskey is a crucial consideration.

In this lesson, bartender Dustin Haarstad explains whiskey’s aging process and why oak makes all the difference.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • The different types of barrels used for aging whiskey
  • The impact that different barrels have on flavor
  • Why oak is used for whiskey maturation

Servers and bartenders, up your whiskey knowledge with help from a star instructor!


Dustin Haarstad

Dustin Haarstad is a bartender and beverage director at the acclaimed whiskey bar Canon, and the founder of cocktail consulting company Blind Tiger Cocktail Co.

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