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Humans have been enjoying whiskey for so long that this wonderful and complex spirit had already achieved mass appeal by the 15th century!

The process of making whiskey hasn’t changed too much since its creation, either. The magic happens mostly in the barrels, but each stage of the process has to be finely tuned to give us the perfect drop.

What better way to learn about whiskey production than from a master distiller? Matt Hoffman of Westland Distillery joins beverage director Dustin Haarstad to explain the processes that turn everyday grains into whiskey.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • How raw grains become whiskey
  • The whiskey-making process, step-by-step
  • What happens to the ingredients in each step of the process
  • How taste is affected by each step, from grain selection to barrel aging

Servers and bartenders, get to know your whiskey from grain to glass with help from the world’s best!


Dustin Haarstad

Dustin Haarstad is a bartender and beverage director at the acclaimed whiskey bar Canon, and the founder of cocktail consulting company Blind Tiger Cocktail Co.

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