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With the emergence of craft cocktail culture, bourbon has become a dominant player in the American bar scene and this has had a global effect as well! The sweet taste of bourbon has overtaken the spice and bitterness of other base spirits in cocktails. At the same time, a new trend has emerged, which has seen bourbon flourish in popularity as a sipping spirit too.

Bartender Dustin Haarstad explains bourbon’s rise to stardom in America and its role in cocktail culture today in this online lesson.

What you'll learn in The rise of bourbon in American cocktail culture lesson

  • How bourbon became the key drink for the American palate
  • How the classic cocktails incorporated bourbon as a dominant spirit
  • The impact of the recent cocktail renaissance on the popularity of bourbon

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Servers and bartenders, delve into the wonderful world of whiskey and up your dram game with help from the experts!


Dustin Haarstad

Dustin Haarstad is a bartender and beverage director at the acclaimed whiskey bar Canon, and the founder of cocktail consulting company Blind Tiger Cocktail Co.

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