Relationships for leaders

59m 17s

12 Lessons


To build a successful team you need to build strong relationships. Over the years, many great leaders have found that by working together and taking care of the people they are in charge of, team members are more inspired, reach their full potential, and achieve incredible outcomes.

In this course, Monisha Dewan, Certified Executive Coach and Founder and CEO of ‘Everything Sales’, will guide you through the importance of relationships for leaders. She’ll explain how good relationships are the foundation of collaboration and how relationships influence the outcomes of your team.


  • What's considered a great leader
  • What's considered a great relationship
  • How to start building a great relationship
  • The Relationship Guidelines
  • The four elements to building relationships
  • Techniques to build rapport and credibility
  • How to create a Circle of Trust
  • The Walk the Talk and Role model
  • The six techniques of persuasion
  • Ways to improve your emotional intelligence EQ
  • Understand how a person’s perspective is motivation
  • What value-centric relationships are
  • Helpful questioning techniques to build value-centric relationships
  • How to understand Diversity and Inclusion as a leader to form and build relationships
  • The value of networking to build relationships
  • How to build networks

This course is aimed at aspiring, emerging and existing hospitality leaders.