WHS - Manual handling

17m 24s

8 Lessons

No matter what position you hold in the venue you work in, there’s a good chance you will have to do some heavy lifting. Whether it’s a case of wine, a box of potatoes or a dining room table, understanding the safety around completing these tasks is important and can save you and your team from a lot of stress and injury.

In this Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) course, leading chef and Group General Manager of Food Operations at MAdE Establishment, Luke Croston, will help you understand what manual handling is, common tasks that are classified as manual handling, what makes tasks hazardous and potential impacts these tasks can have on individuals.


  • Welcome – WHS Manual handling
  • Introduction to manual handling
  • Common manual handling hazards and consequences
  • Identify and assess manual handling hazards
  • Reduce or eliminate manual handling hazards
  • Correct lifting and carrying techniques
  • Reporting manual handling incidents
  • Conclusion – WHS Manual handling

This course is essential for anyone who works in an environment where they are required to lift, move, push or pull one or more objects.