COVID-19 hygiene & cleaning practices for service staff

26m 8s

7 Lessons


As businesses reopen and navigate beyond COVID-19, the hospitality industry will see the introduction of new and higher levels of cleaning and hygiene practices. As a frontline worker, hygiene and cleaning aren’t just tasks you must perform, they’ve become weapons we can all use to help the fight against COVID-19.

In this course, Lisa Hobbs, consultant in the hospitality industry and Director on the board of Women in Hospitality, will share cleaning and hygiene standards designed to mitigate risk and increase safety during the post-COVID industry recovery period. You’ll learn all the key hygiene and cleaning practices needed to become a COVID-19 Warrior.


  • Why cleaning and hygiene matters
  • What cleaning and hygiene covers for you and the workplace 
  • The responsibilities of each person to themselves, to the business, to the guests, and to safety
  • When to wash your hands to COVID-19 safety expectations
  • How to demonstrate the correct handwashing technique
  • What’s considered personal hygiene 
  • The basics of personal hygiene 
  • How to maintain your personal hygiene during service
  • The definition of cleaning and disinfecting
  • Two categories of surfaces to clean
  • When and how to correctly clean and sanitize surfaces 
  • How to protect yourself during the recovery phase
  • The importance of safety vs efficiency
  • How to manage service situations that impact safety and hygiene practices
  • How to become a COVID-19 Warrior

This course is aimed at front line staff who work in one or more hospitality businesses that are preparing to open post-COVID-19.