Protecting you and your guests

Lisa Hobbs

5m 2s


Lesson Details

There’s just one more obligation to learn before you’re a fully fledged COVID-19 Warrior! This final obligation is all about your personal safety and that of your guests. In this lesson, Lisa Hobbs will outline what to use to protect yourself when cleaning and working. She’ll also offer three tips on how to work with guests to ensure their safety and how to manage different service situations given COVID-19. 

What you’ll learn

  • How to protect yourself during the recovery phase
  • The importance of Safety vs efficiency
  • How to manage service situations that impact safety and hygiene practices

This lesson is aimed at frontline staff who work in one or more hospitality businesses that are preparing to open post-COVID-19.


Lisa Hobbs

Hospitality Executive and Director on the board of Women in Hospitality (WOHO)

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