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It is everyone's obligation to stop any possible spread of COVID-19. This means, as a frontline hospitality worker, your obligations to your guests and co-workers now include being at the center of reducing or limiting the spread of COVID-19. In this lesson, Lisa will introduce what's at the center of your obligations as what we will call a COVID-19 Warrior and what being a COVID-19 Warrior means as hospitality resumes operations.

What you'll learn in the COVID-19 style hygiene and cleaning lesson

  • Why does cleaning and hygiene matter?
  • What does cleaning and hygiene cover for yourself and the workplace?
  • The responsibilities of each person to themselves, to the business, to the guests and to safety

Who is the COVID-19 hygiene & cleaning practices for service staff course for

This online course is aimed at front line staff who work in one or more hospitality businesses that are preparing to open post-COVID-19.


Lisa Hobbs
Lisa Hobbs carries many different hats within the hospitality industry. With over 17 years of experience across a range of industries such as financial services and hospitality, Lisa is results-focused and has a flair for solutions.
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