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So, you want to become a COVID-19 Warrior? You've learned about the Warrior's first obligation - handwashing - but now it's time for the second: your personal hygiene! In this lesson, Lisa will demonstrate how to reduce the risk of environmental exposure to COVID by practicing good personal hygiene.

What you'll learn in the Maintaining personal hygiene lesson

  • What's considered personal hygiene
  • The basics of personal hygiene
  • How to maintain your personal hygiene during service

Who is the COVID-19 hygiene & cleaning practices for service staff course for

This online course is aimed at front line staff who work in one or more hospitality businesses that are preparing to open post-COVID-19.


Lisa Hobbs
Lisa Hobbs carries many different hats within the hospitality industry. With over 17 years of experience across a range of industries such as financial services and hospitality, Lisa is results-focused and has a flair for solutions.
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