Body language basics

33m 42s

6 Lessons

Body language is the silent way we communicate with others – sometimes consciously, but often without even realizing we are sending signals through the way we move.

In every movement of our body – from the way we shake hands, walk around a room and sit at a desk, to the micro expressions on our faces we are not aware of – we are sending messages to those around us as powerfully as we do with words.

Mark Bowden is an expert in this field. He has provided body language training to world leaders and is recognized as a global authority on non-verbal communication.

In this online course, he teaches you the basics of body language and how to make the most of it in a hospitality setting.


  • What your body language says about you
  • How to project confidence and charisma
  • What your handshake says about you
  • How to build trust over the phone
  • How body language differs across cultures
  • How to read body language during a job interview

Servers and managers, it’s time to take your career to the next level. Master the art of nonverbal communication with pointers from the world’s best!