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First impressions are super relevant for tour guides. It's what happens during your meet and greet and it's your chance to ease the anxious client into feeling comfortable and confident that you will, indeed, be the best guide they've ever had.

In this online lesson about meeting and greeting tour guests, Angelo Carotenuto will explain how to make an outstanding first impression and master the meet and greet.

What you'll learn in this lesson, Meeting and greeting tour guests

  • The significance of dressing appropriately and professionally as tour guides, as well as the impact of visual impressions on guests' expectations
  • The importance of punctuality and effective meet and greet techniques in building rapport with tour guests
  • How to introduce yourself and the tour to the group, establishing credibility, and emphasizing the significance of the tour in a concise manner

Who the Tour guide fundamentals course is for

The Tour guide fundamentals online course is aimed at hospitality and tourism professionals looking to start a new career in tour guiding or looking to enhance their tour guide skills.


Angelo Carotenuto

Angelo Carotenuto, LivTours founder and seasoned Rome tour guide, turns his tourism passion into a successful enterprise with guided tours across 25 European destinations, consistently earning Tripadvisor's Best of the Best.

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