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Your voice is your tour guide superpower, like the standout contestants on a singing show, it has the potential to captivate and leave a lasting impression. But guess what happens when your voice isn't cared for? You can't talk clearly, or project your voice enough - your ability to connect and engage with your group goes out the window!

In this online lesson about the art of personalizing service in luxury, Angelo Carotenuto will explain the importance of caring for your voice as a tour guide and how to make sure that it remains strong and clear on every tour.

What you'll learn in this lesson, Caring for your voice

  • The importance of caring for your voice
  • How to implement care techniques before, during, and after a tour
  • What caring for your voice means

Who the Tour guide fundamentals course is for

The Tour guide fundamentals online course is aimed at hospitality and tourism professionals looking to start a new career in tour guiding or looking to enhance their tour guide skills.


Angelo Carotenuto

Angelo Carotenuto, LivTours founder and seasoned Rome tour guide, turns his tourism passion into a successful enterprise with guided tours across 25 European destinations, consistently earning Tripadvisor's Best of the Best.

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