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You've mastered making a great first impression, but how do you ensure your guests will remember the tour-and you-long after it's over?

In this online lesson about achieving efficiency, Angelo Carotenuto will explain how to make your conclusion as memorable as your introduction. You'll also learn some post-tour activities so your guests will remember you.

What you'll learn in this lesson, Closing tours to create a lasting impression

  • How to conclude tours in a memorable and engaging manner, leaving a positive lasting impression on participant
  • How to manage logistics and post-tour activities

Who the Tour guide fundamentals course is for

The Tour guide fundamentals online course is aimed at hospitality and tourism professionals looking to start a new career in tour guiding or looking to enhance their tour guide skills.


Angelo Carotenuto

Angelo Carotenuto, LivTours founder and seasoned Rome tour guide, turns his tourism passion into a successful enterprise with guided tours across 25 European destinations, consistently earning Tripadvisor's Best of the Best.

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