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Food delivery used to be an afterthought in hospitality - you knock on a door, maybe take a cash payment from the customer, and hand over a bag. But the world of food delivery has changed enormously in recent times. People aren't always able to go out for a great hospitality experience - so delivery is your chance to bring that experience to them. 

In this lesson, Scott Landers walks you through the most important attributes you need to be an unbeatable delivery driver today.

What you'll learn in the Introducing the modern delivery driver lesson

  • Expectations and responsibilities of the job
  • Why it's important to develop a strong, positive personal brand as a delivery driver
  • The two most important tools of the trade

Who the Food delivery service course is for

This online course is aimed at food delivery drivers and hospitality professionals interested in expanding into delivery service.


Scott Landers

Scott Landers is a co-founder of Figure 8 Logistics, the world’s first food delivery consulting agency.

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