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Improving your knife skills is all about setting up good habits - and these habits will help you for more detailed, technical work later on. So in this online lesson about improving your cutting technique, Steffen Bach will explain some key things to consider to help you improve your knife skills.

What you'll learn in this lesson about improving your cutting technique

  • Understand the correct stance for good cutting technique
  • How to use the tea towel trick to develop a good cutting technique
  • Three considerations for knife grip
  • Five essential knife grips to improve your cutting technique

Who the Knife essentials course is for

The Knife essentials online course is aimed at beginner chefs, butchers, and kitchen hands looking to enhance their knowledge of specialty kitchen knives.


Steffen Bach

Steffen Bach is a knife expert and owner of Suba Knives, a Danish knife sharpening and production company.

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