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Dealing with unhappy customers is a reality of life in the hospitality industry, even when you do everything in your power to create a wonderful experience. Things go wrong occasionally or you become the outlet for frustrations that are beyond your control. What really matters in these situations is how you respond, so that the customer can leave on a positive note.

In this lesson, customer experience expert Amanda Stevens outlines three types of unhappy customers you might encounter and explains the best approach to take in each situation.

What you'll learn in the Identifying and satisfying unhappy customers lesson

  • How to identify why your customer is unhappy
  • How to respond to different types of unhappy customers

Who the Customer (experiential) service course is for

This online course is perfect for aspiring and current servers looking to build their knowledge on the customer experience.


Amanda Stevens

Amanda Stevens is a highly awarded customer service consultant, helping some of the world's biggest brands to build powerful connections with customers.

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