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If your customer service skills create experiences that leave your guests feeling delighted, you can rest assured they will spend more in your business, come visit again and recommend your services to friends. One of the surefire ways to leave a positive and lasting impression on your customers is to take the time and care to personalize their experience and truly make them feel special while they’re in your venue.

In this lesson, customer experience expert Amanda Stevens shares her pro tips for personalizing your customers’ experiences and delivering outstanding service.

Learn hospitality skills for today’s world, including:

  • How to deliver a personalized customer experience in the hospitality industry
  • How to nail the three key stages of a customer’s journey: greeting, experience, farewell

Servers and managers, take your customer service skills to the next level with pointers from the industry’s best!


Amanda Stevens
Amanda Stevens is a full-time speaker on customer experience, the author of five bestselling books, and a regular media commentator on consumer behavior.
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