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What does diversity really mean? How do we understand diversity in a global context, to global standards? These are important questions to consider, because it helps us fully engage with the idea of fairness and representation. Imagine a world without any diversity at all - it would be not only unfair but incredibly boring!

In this lesson, Debra Blair will explain some best-practice methods of defining diversity, equity, and inclusion to give you a better understanding of what these concepts entail and what they look like in the workplace.

What you'll learn in the Diversity, equity, and inclusion awareness lesson

  • How to define diversity to global standards
  • The difference between equity and inclusion
  • Why diversity, equity, and inclusion are important in the workplace

Who the Diversity, equity, and inclusion course is for

This online course is ideal for anyone in the hospitality industry who wants to learn more about what diversity means and how to create an inclusive workplace culture.


Dr. Debra Blair

Temple University Director of Organizational Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Dr. Debra Blair, is a recognized industry leader in the development of inclusive practices.

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