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The executive chef is the leader of a kitchen, which means that your promotion to this role comes with a new set of responsibilities that go beyond culinary duties.

As a head chef, your team should be your main priority. Developing a great team culture in the kitchen will reduce staff turnover and motivate your staff to put their best foot forward. Additionally, the more invested your staff are in the big picture, the more successful your business will be.

In this lesson, culinary leadership expert Glenn Flood outlines the best practices for staff coaching and mentoring.

What you'll learn in the Coaching and mentoring your kitchen staff lesson

  • How to create a culture of learning in a professional kitchen
  • Developing your team through encouragement and inspiration

Who the Kitchen leadership for executive chefs course is for

This online course is for all you back of house superstars looking to take that next big step in your career. Learn from the pros and make your mark!


Glenn Flood

Culinary leadership expert Glenn Flood is a food support manager and chef with over 20 years of industry experience.

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